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Notes of Parish Meetings

Notes from the Parish Council Meeting - September 2013

The following were amongst items discussed at Parish Council meetings and information received by the Clerk. The full minutes may be found here.

August's Parish Council Meeting
This report has to be submitted before the date of the Council meeting, but the August meeting is exclusively for the approval of payments; all other business is deferred to September. However, immediately before the meeting the Planning Committee will consider plans for Chesterton Station submitted by the County Council.

The Council has agreed to work with Histon and Impington Parish Council on a joint response to the proposed A14 upgrade expressing shared concerns, and a preliminary meeting has been arranged for 27 August.

Out and About
Not all the planters were re-done this time round as some sponsors have sadly pulled out; we are very grateful for new sponsors who have stepped in. If you would like to have one planted up in your name please let the Clerk know: the cost is £50 for a year (two plantings). Some of the planters have suffered a bit in the intense heat of the past months: if you live near one you might like to make sure it is well watered, and if you would like to volunteer to take one under your wing please let us know.

At the end of last year it was agreed that the trees which had to be removed in Woodlands Park should be replaced by the County, but changes in personnel meant that it could not be done that season. We are assured that the trees will be delivered to the County at the end of August and should be planted shortly after that.

Residents have expressed concern over the future of the University Farm field adjacent to Town End Close. The farm manager has reported to us as follows: 'The land will be farmed as arable. We are entered into an environmental scheme and there will be field margins sown. It must be emphasized that there is no public right of way and dog walking I believe is not allowed on the field margins. Trumpington Farming Company are contracted to farm this land.' We would remind readers that dogs and cycles are also strictly forbidden from Town End Close.

Towards the end of this month Balfour Beatty will be working on behalf of the County Council to replace all the streetlights in the village. Plans have been published and copies are available in the parish office. You can also find the plans for your street from the table at if you have access to the web. In general the number of lamps will be reduced but the improved technology should result in no less useful illumination. The Parish Council will be considering the plans at its September meeting, but any concerns you may have are best submitted well in advance of this date if they are to be taken into account.

The South Cambs Local Plan
The South Cambridgeshire District Council Local Plan when adopted will guide development in the District for the next 20 years. The draft Plan is available on and in the Parish Office and we encourage all residents to give their views, specifically on the proposal to upgrade Girton's status to permit more development here. There is a demonstration about the Plan at Histon and Impington Pavilion, on New Road, Impington, on 5 September from 2.30 to 7.30pm.

Girton Bowls Club
At the inaugural meeting held on Saturday 20th July, an interim Bowls Club Committee was formed, with Martin Harnor as Interim Chairman. A full constitution will be produced by the committee for approval by the club at their Annual Meeting in January, when a full committee will be formed. The first meeting of the interim Bowls Club Committee will be held on Saturday 5th October at 10.30am at St Vincent's Close Community Centre and all are welcome to attend. If you would like to join the Bowls Club, please contact the interim Secretary, Graham Clare, on (01223) 528437 / It's anticipated that games should begin sometime next year.

Bus Shelter Repairs
Following the damage done to two panels of the bus shelter at the junction of Huntingdon Road and Thornton Road, the Parish Council have contacted a contractor to undertake the work and hope that the panels will be replaced shortly.

Forthcoming Meetings
The next meetings of the Parish Council will be held on Wednesday 18th September and Wednesday 16th October, starting at 7.30pm at St Vincent's Close Community Centre. Members of the public are welcome to attend all Parish Council meetings and to speak at the open session at the start.