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Notes of Parish Meetings

Notes from the Parish Council Meeting - June 2014

The following were amongst items discussed at Parish Council meetings and information received by the Clerk. The full minutes may be found here.

Parish Council Meetings
This report has had to be written before the Council meeting, which will be the last one for the current Council. At the start of that meeting we shall be welcoming Amy Wormald from IVC to talk about the College's 75th anniversary. The agenda includes the appointment of a new Trustee for Girton Town Charity, and a response by the Council to the A14 proposals.

By the time you read this, the wave of elections will have passed. Because there were not enough candidates there was no election for the Parish Council, but the 13 members of the new Council are now formally elected, and will take up their posts at the Annual General Meeting of the Council. Because the Law requires that this take place within a fortnight of the election, we have had to bring the June meeting forward and this will be held on Wednesday 4th June. This meeting will then set the pattern of Council meetings for the rest of the year

Hello and Goodbye
The Council would like to express its thanks to those Councillors who have decided not to stand for another term. They are Brian Bromwich, Sam Clift, Joanne Garner, Robin Hiley and Richard Westley, and we are grateful for all the work they have put in over the past four years. We look forward to welcoming four new Councillors: Rowena Barnes, Jane Buckler, Tom Bygott and Doug Whittle. This still leaves us two Councillors short and the new Council will shortly be looking to co-opt to fill these vacancies. So if you decided just too late that perhaps you could be a Councillor after all you still have a chance - keep an eye out for the advertisement.

We shall also be saying Farewell to our Finance Officer at the end of June: although she has announced her resignation she has agreed to stay on to steer our annual return through all its stages and we are very grateful. We are advertising for a replacement, and if you or anyone you know might be interested in this part-time post we would be delighted to hear from you.

Annual Parish Meeting
The Annual Parish Meeting is normally held in May, but the elections at the end of May have forced us to re-arrange it later this year. The Council will be asked to approve the date of Friday 18th July at 7pm, with refreshments beforehand, and we shall confirm this as soon as possible. We hope that village organisations will advertise their wares during the refreshment period beforehand, and hope to close the meeting by 8.30pm. At the start of the meeting we hope to have a brief introduction to the current state of the North West Cambridge development.

We don't like to say this, but...
The spate of graffiti in Girton continues to deface our village. Please may we ask you to be vigilant: to report any suspicious activity you see and if possible use your phone's camera to help us catch those responsible. We are continually grateful to the probation service for its activities in clearing it away.

There has also been an increase of dog fouling in various parts of the village, including on some of our sports pitches. While many of our dog owners are very responsible, we would again ask everyone to be vigilant and report any abuse they are aware of. We remind dog owners again that if you bag your dog's droppings you can dispose of them in any general waste bin or in your own black bin.

Next Meetings
At this stage all we can say is that the June meeting will be on Wednesday 4th June 2014 starting at 7.30pm at St Vincent's Close Community Centre and that it is likely that from then on the pattern of meetings will remain at the third Wednesday of each month. Members of the public are welcome to attend all Parish Council meetings and to speak at the open session at the start.