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Notes of Parish Meetings

Notes from the Parish Council Meeting - July 2015

The following were amongst items discussed at Parish Council meetings and information received by the Clerk. The full minutes may be found here.

Parish Council Meetings
At our June meeting, we were delighted to welcome Dr Anne Kettle as a newly co-opted member of the Parish Council. The meeting covered many different areas, from confirmation of two Village Institute Trustees, the state of the grass verge behind Abbeyfield which hopefully will now be resolved to the satisfaction of all, the introduction of an interim charging structure for the Pavilion loft space, and terms for the transfer to Girton Town Charity of the last piece of green space at Wellbrook Way.

At the meeting the Council also reconfirmed the position of not allowing routine trading on the Recreation Ground Car Park.

The Council's receipt of a proposal regarding potential street names at the North West Cambridge Development led to much discussion. Councillors felt that the names suggested are too focused on university alumni, and do not reflect the presence in Girton of one of the first all-women's colleges, and that therefore more female names should be included. It was also felt that since the area under consideration forms a significant part of Girton Village, more names of village relevance should be included.

At an earlier extraordinary meeting of the Parish Council, the Council considered a response to the A14 Cambridge to Huntingdon Public Consultation, whilst at the main June meeting the Council agreed a response to the Flood Risk Management Strategy Consultation. Of particular concern was the apparent relegation in importance of Girton's flood issues from 5th to 51st in the overall list of flood importance.

Care Home
The Chairman and District Councillor de Lacey have met with the local GP surgery who have real concerns about the proposed care home and the impact this will have on the ability to provide the current level of GP service to the village. The Parish Council is now trying to arrange a meeting between the care home developers and the surgery.

Graffiti and Play Area Damage
We have recently experienced a particularly bad weekend, which saw a spate of graffiti throughout the village and incidents of damage to the play surface at Wellbrook Way play area. The graffiti will be removed by South Cambridgeshire District Council at the first opportunity, whilst the play area damage is being assessed, and estimates for its repair being obtained.

Out and About
Now that the village planters have been replanted and are ablaze with summer blooms, we would like to thank all those residents and organisations who sponsor this project, including Girton Village Celebrations, Wendy's Taxis, Girton Allotment Society, Panther Taxis and Scallywags Day Nursery - plus thanks to those sponsors who wish to remain anonymous. Thanks also to those residents who have made such a good job cutting back the vegetation on Footpath 4.

Lost property
We have a number of items of lost property which have been left on the Recreation Ground or in the Pavilion. Please contact the parish office with details if you wish to reclaim them.

Next meetings
The next meetings of the Parish Council will be held on Wednesday 15th July and Wednesday 19th August, both starting at 7.30pm at St Vincent's Close Community Centre. Members of the public are welcome to attend all Parish Council meetings, and to speak in the open session at the start.