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News from Girton Glebe School - April 2013

At the end of January and the beginning of February we had two exciting events at school. Here are two reports, written by Daisy, Tariq, Elsie and Brin from the pupil newsletter the whiteboard.

Exciting Egyptians

On Friday 1st February, the whole school got into their house teams and went round each classroom to explore what it would be like to be an Ancient Egyptian. Lots of the pupils came dressed as Egyptians and their costumes were amazing.

In every class there was an exciting activity to do. Some of the activities included writing in hieroglyphics. The other activities included: death mask making, gold bangle designing, pyramid investigations head dress making and much more! Skye, from Willow class, said that she enjoyed the whole event but her favourite was head dress making.

All the house captains enjoyed being in charge of their houses but Finty, from Maple class, told us otherwise. "It was fun being a house captain but it was hard to keep everyone together!"

Outstanding O2

On Tuesday 29th January, our school choir sang at the O2 arena with the rest of the Young Voices choir: a staggering 8000 children! Young Voices raised a lot of money for the charity Clic Sargent which helps children with cancer survive.

When they got there they were stunned at the size of it and the number of children coming to sing. We had hours of rehearsing before we started the show. At the arena the Young Voices choir sang with the African children's choir, Randolph Matthews and Connie Talbot.

Dylan from Maple commented "I really liked when the lights turned off and all you could see was people's mini torches." Ed from Maple commented, "It was a one in a life time opportunity to perform at the O2!"