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Emergency Plan

Girton Parish Council is compiling an Emergency Plan to feed in to the District and County Councils' emergency plan response capabilities. Nearly all emergencies will be dealt with routinely by a multi-agency response, such as District, County Council and Cambridgeshire Police who would take the lead. However, a situation could occur (such as extensive flooding, storm damage, deep snow, power outage or major incident) which could delay the arrival of outside assistance due to services being overwhelmed, when our community will need to help itself. We can do this more effectively if we have a Plan.

A Skills and Resources Information Form has been developed; please see the instructions below for how to obtain and complete the form. The form is to aid information gathering within the Community. We would be grateful if all residents would complete it to tell us if you are able to offer help or if you have special needs in the event of an emergency. Paper copies will be available from the Parish Office if required. We are particularly keen to hear from residents with resources, equipment or skills (such as tractors, 4x4 vehicles, chain saws, trained medical staff), but any offer of assistance would be gratefully received. We are requesting this information on an entirely voluntary basis, so please feel free to ignore this if you do not wish to be involved.

Additionally, one of our priorities will be to provide whatever support we can to those members of our community who may be more vulnerable, and need assistance in an emergency. With this in mind, we are looking to maintain a confidential vulnerable persons list. Should you wish your details to be included, please complete the relevant section. There is no need for you to disclose any sensitive personal information and please be assured the information will be handled in strictest confidence and only used in an emergency by the Parish Council, the emergency services or other key responders.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this information gathering form. Girton Parish Council intend to collate all responses and finalise their Emergency Plan as soon as possible. The Parish Council will not publish your personal details - the intention is to produce a copy of the plan with all personal information hidden. A full copy with personal details you give us will only be securely shared with South Cambs District Council's emergency planning officer.

Skills and Resources Information Form


The Skills and Resources Information Form can be downloaded here. The form is an editable PDF. To complete it,

Please complete a copy of the form for each relevant member of your household, and send the completed forms to the Clerk:

With grateful thanks for your help,

Cllr Haydn Williams
Vice-Chairman of Girton Parish Council