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Girton Parish News is the monthly newsletter of the village of Girton and is produced by volunteers from around the village. The newsletter is funded entirely by advertising, but in the past it was also funded by donations from the village churches, the Parish Council and voluntary donations from villagers. The aim is to produce an informative newsletter which will build up the whole village community

The newsletter is delivered free to every household in the village and is a rich source of village news, listings of church services, excerpts from Parish Council meetings, community notices, diary of events, advertisements from local businesses, village history, humour and activities.

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Editors and policy
Girton Scoreboard
Active Girton
Focus on Girton
Around the Village
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Editors and policy
The editors' aim is to produce an informative newsletter which will build up the village community.

The editors reserve the right not to publish any material which is felt to go against the ethos of the Girton Parish News.

Copy can be sent by email to the coordinator at Copy can be included in the body of the email or attached as a plain text Word document, but please do not use WordArt. Any graphics should be sent as separate JPEG (preferred) or Word files. Hard copy can be delivered to Angela Blackburn, 141 Thornton Road, Girton CB3 0NE. We do not accept anonymous articles. The copy date for the next issue is printed at the bottom of page 3 of the current issue; any copy received after this date may be deferred to a later issue. You can also email the Editor at for a particular copy date.

Advertising rates for the magazine are modest. They vary depending on number of column inches, and whether you are advertising a company or event. For further information, please contact the advertising manager, Marion Fisher, at

Girton Scoreboard
Each month Girton Parish News reports results, achievements and events of the village sporting clubs, and features news of our various physical recreational groups and classes. Girton Scoreboard

Active Girton
Throughout the Olympic year of 2012 we carried a series of articles describing the many sporting and physical recreational facilities in the village. We encourage all villagers to participate in and support these activities. Please follow the links below.

Yoga | Aerobics, Line Dancing, Tai Chi | Football | Pilates | Cricket Club | Tennis Club | Golf Club | Martial Arts | The Barn

Focus on Girton
Focus on Girton is an occasional series about varying organisations within Girton. Please follow the links below.

Girton College | Haywards Garage | Signify | "breathe" | Physic | Girton Glebe | Girton Golf Club | Cambridge Academy of English | Birdlife International | Hotel Felix | The Barn | Peter Graves | Cottontails | Allotment Society | Post Office [superseded] | Girton Parish Council | Girton Women's Institute | Girton Garden Society | Girton Players | Girton Operatic | Girton Social Club | Girton Town Charity | Hair and Beauty | Gretton School | Nurseries and Pre-schools | The Co-operative Store | Girton Post Office | Let Your Voice Play

Around the Village
Around the Village is an occasional series about people in Girton. Please follow the links below.

Margaret Parnwell |

Selected articles from past issues of Girton Parish News.

John Bunyan

Follow the links below for Ken Sheard's articles on birdwatching in Girton.

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Green Fingers
Follow the links below for articles on gardening in Girton.

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Below are complete scanned copies of Girton Parish News from its inception.

1950: Jan

Back issues
Selected articles from recent issues are provided below as archive material. Since 2002, material from Girton Parish News has been spread throughout the web site.

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