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Girton is a village of about 1600 households, and 4500 people, situated to the north-west of the city of Cambridge, England. Girton has a long history as a village - people were living here pre Saxon times. The old name for Girton was Gretton, meaning 'village on the gravel', so called because the settlement grew up along a gravel ridge.

The village is lively and dynamic. Residents - old and new - contribute to activities locally and globally. The village diary, business and community links give a broad outline of events, facilities and the village infrastructure.

The village sign in the photograph is on the corner of Redgate Road and Cambridge Road. Paul Clare and Michael Davies raised money to commission the sign and it was erected in 1985. Both were members of the local Scout Group, 10th Cambridge, at the time.

The sign was designed by Denis Cheason, made by Barry Sharman and erected by Ken Dench. The top part of is taken from a design on a Roman belt discovered in a burial ground near Girton College. The centre is based on the coat of arms of the family of Anne-Maria Cotton, who endowed the first Girton village school. The geese, kept at Washpit, provided quills for use in the University of Cambridge. The lower section represents corn marigolds which were once common in the village. At the very bottom is the cross of St Andrew, patron saint of the parish church.

Girton College, part of the University of Cambridge, was built specifically for women students in the 19th century. Click on the history link for a comprehensive background to the village.

The website is supported by the Girton Parish News. This is a community website for Girton. It carries information about the village and is intended to act as a focal point for the community.

Notices, information or any other material should be submitted to the webmaster. Please contact us to check the required format before making a submission. We will make all reasonable attempts to check the accuracy of information provided; however, we do not accept liability for any errors in any information contained on this site.

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