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There is a discussion/announcement mailing list for Girton village. The list is hosted by Yahoo, and allows messages to be received either as they are posted, batched up into a single 'digest' once a day, or just to be read on the list's archives (see below). If you are not already a member of a Yahoo Group, the best way for new subscribers to sign is up by visiting Otherwise, and especially if you are a member of an existing Yahoo group, you can sign up by sending an email to

Any message sent to the group address is then sent to all current subscribers, including the subscriber who posted it. Messages are also archived at the Yahoo site so that new subscribers can review them, and so that any subscriber can search for previous messages by keyword or date. Most mail programs also offer an option to set up a special or 'smart' mailbox into which all Girton messages can automatically be put to avoid cluttering up your regular in-box.

Messages advertising goods and services will be excluded. The notice board is for people in the village to inform others of activities, or concerns, that may be of wider interest. For example, Girton Neighbourhood Watch hopes that this will enable news of crimes or incidents in Girton to be communicated more promptly and efficiently than via existing channels such as ecops. If you have had to report anything to the Police, please also consider posting a message on the Village Notice Board, and we will all get to hear about it sooner.

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