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Community Warden Scheme

The Community Warden scheme is now operating successfully in Girton and a number of clients are signed up and receive regular visits from our warden, Marilyn.

For many older people, continuing to live independently at home can present an increasing challenge with the years. Family members may not be close by, neighbours are often out at work and even getting about can prove in practice more difficult, for example in bad weather.

The Community Warden will provide daily support and reassurance by making contact with the service user regularly to ensure their well being. From this contact it can be established what support may be needed. In some instances a potential crisis can be averted. Some practical support is available, for example occasional assistance with shopping, collection of prescriptions as well as small tasks in the home under some circumstances (usually if the client is unwell for a short period).

The Warden can also provide information and liaise (where appropriate and with suitable permission) with others to ensure the older person's safety and well-being.

The service is available as an ongoing weekly arrangement or for short periods, such as following discharge from hospital, or perhaps when regular family members are away for long holidays. All this for a small weekly fee of £3.50p

If you or your family would welcome the reassurance of knowing that someone is on hand, and would like further information, call the Warden - Marilyn 07979 333963.

This scheme is partially funded by the Girton Town Charity